Interview with a Drone Light Show Expert – Insights and Innovations from Grizzly Drones

  • May 1, 2024
Interview with a Drone Light Show Expert – Insights and Innovations from Grizzly Drones


Welcome to our latest feature on Grizzly Drones’ blog, where we explore the captivating world of drone light shows. Today, we’re excited to present an exclusive interview with our Chief Operating Officer, Jack Maifoshis, the drone show expert from Grizzly Drones, sharing unparalleled insights into this dynamic industry. These shows have become a pivotal part of modern entertainment, blending technology and creativity to create mesmerizing spectacles.

“What makes drone light shows such a revolutionary form of entertainment?”

Jack: “Drone light shows are not only spectacular visually but they’re also environmentally friendlier than traditional fireworks. They offer a canvas for technological artistry, allowing for creativity that pushes entertainment boundaries.”

The COO of Grizzly Drones, dressed in a black Grizzly uniform, stands smiling with arms crossed in a grassy field, preparing for a drone show. Small drones are scattered around his feet, with waterfront buildings and a partly cloudy sky in the background.

Expert Background

Jack has spearheaded Grizzly Drones Light Show initiatives from day 1 since 2020, orchestrating the skies with awe-inspiring displays of light and motion. Grizzly Drones groundbreaking work at major global events has entertained millions and pushed the boundaries of what drone technology can achieve in entertainment. With an extensive background in Network Engineering for over a decade, Jack was able to fully understand and optimize the drone show operations for Grizzly Drones.

“Could you share a bit about what drew you to this industry and to Grizzly Drones specifically?”

Jack: I’ve always been driven by the potential to merge technology with artistic expression. Drone light shows were a natural fit, allowing me to innovate and lead in a constantly evolving field. Grizzly Drones provided the perfect platform to realize these ambitions. Having an extensive background in Network Engineering gave me a different perspective on how this type of technology, such as drones, can be utilized for different applications such as drone light shows.

A drone show pilot sits at a makeshift outdoor workstation, intently troubleshooting drones on an laptop before a performance. He wears over-ear headphones and a black zip-up Grizzly jacket, surrounded by a portable setup in a fenced area, indicating preparation for an upcoming drone show.

Evolution of Drone Light Shows

Drone light shows have transitioned from novelty to a mainstay in event entertainment, thanks to innovations largely spearheaded by teams like Grizzly Drones. Our expert recounts the journey from their early days of simple formations to today’s elaborate aerial symphonies, detailing pivotal developments.

What was your first impression of your first drone show?

Jack: “Our first test with 50 drones was such an amazing feeling that I still remember to this day. Combining technology and art together created an unforgettable experience for me personally”.

“How have you seen drone light shows change over the years?”

Jack: It’s been a transformative journey from the early days of basic formations to today’s intricate performances that can share stories and celebrate occasions in unprecedented ways. Many cities and festivals are now interested in environmentally friendly alternatives to fireworks, giving us the chance to tap into these industries with drone light shows. It is fascinating how wide the customer base is for such a niche service.

Video of the first-ever drone show to be performed in downtown Los Angeles.

Technical Insights

Understanding the technical foundation of drone light shows is essential. Grizzly Drone’s expert shares more information on the sophisticated technologies that power these shows, from drone coordination and programming to real-time management systems.

Can you explain the key technologies behind today’s drone light shows?

Jack: “Certainly. It revolves around advanced drone programming, precise GPS tracking, and drone choreography software. These elements create visually stunning displays and highly coordinated and safe performances. On a high level, it is a relatively simple process of connecting everything to the network and troubleshooting drones till everything is properly configured and drones ready to fly. Now, for the people that actually do the job, more in-depth knowledge is needed to understand and troubleshoot the drone show operations more easily as the time constraints limit the operator from spending a lot of time on this.”

Over-the-shoulder view of a drone show pilot in command using Drone Show Software on a laptop, with the screen displaying a detailed control dashboard for monitoring and managing the drone fleet's statuses during a performance.

Business Impact of Drone Light Shows

Drone shows provide significant economic benefits, such as boosting tourism, offering innovative advertising solutions, and storytelling. They represent a growing sector in the entertainment industry with substantial impacts on local economies and business opportunities.

What impact do drone light shows have on businesses and local economies?

Jack: “From my perspective, as I undertake all the technical and operational aspects of Grizzly Drones, drone light shows transform events into attractions that draw crowds from far and wide, significantly boosting local economies. It’s a chance for businesses to advertise and promote in a novel, engaging format.”

Challenges in the Industry

Every spectacle comes with challenges, and drone shows are no exception. From weather disruptions to regulatory complexities, these challenges need to be overcome in one way or another so the drone show can be performed. This is what Grizzly Drones also aims to overcome all obstacles and challenges for the drone show to happen.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in staging these shows?

Jack: “Dealing with unpredictable weather, navigating complex airspace regulations, and ensuring each drone performs flawlessly are some challenges we tackle regularly. On the first look, this might look intimidating, but after so many troubleshooting and drone show performances, it became a routine in our operational procedures.”

Advice for Aspiring Professionals

What advice would you offer to those aspiring to join the drone light show industry?

Jack: “It depends on what path someone wants to follow in the drone show industry. You can be a drone engineer, an animator, a drone pilot, or a drone show operational specialist. However, it is essential to have an interest in technology and creative skills, as the combination is essential in this industry.”

Are there any personal or professional traits that you believe contribute to success in this field?

Jack: “Creativity and persistence are key. The ability to problem-solve on the fly and adapt to rapidly changing technologies and regulatory environments is also crucial. Being a team player is important, too; whether it is a small or large drone show, it requires a coordinated effort among many professionals. I’m happy to say that I have the right people right now who understand our needs as a team and are able to communicate and work together.”

a group of eight men gathered in a grassy field during the late afternoon, engaged in a discussion. They are casually dressed, mostly in black, with some wearing branded jackets and hats that read 'Grizzly Drones'. The setting is calm, with sparse trees and hills in the background and what appears to be markers or small flags spread across the field, likely part of the drone show setup.

What common mistakes or pitfalls should newcomers to the industry try to avoid?

Jack: “One common mistake is underestimating the complexity of the technology and the intricacies of outdoor performances, like ignoring weather conditions, airspace regulations, or location complexities that make setting up harder. It’s vital to thoroughly understand all the factors that can impact a drone show.”

What do you find most rewarding about working in drone light shows?

Jack: “It’s incredibly rewarding to see your work come to life in such a spectacular way. There’s nothing like the thrill of a successful show, where hundreds or even thousands of drones light up the sky, perfectly synchronized to music. It’s a blend of art, technology, and entertainment that’s always pushing the limits of what’s possible.”

A serene evening field test by the Grizzly Drones team, featuring drones illuminated in a captivating grid pattern across a vast, grassy expanse. The trial show tests the smooth operation of drones before the actual performance. A yellow balloon floats in the background, serving as a tool to approximate wind speed for optimal drone performance. The setting is tranquil, with a backdrop of a hill lit with lights and trees, and scattered team members observing the preparations.

A note from Grizzly Drones is to stay abreast of industry trends and regulatory changes. Most importantly, always push the boundaries of what’s possible creatively.


As we conclude our insightful journey with Jack Maifoshis, it’s evident that Grizzly Drones isn’t just participating in the drone light show industry; they’re reshaping it. With a slew of innovative projects on the horizon, Grizzly Drones continues to push the envelope of what’s possible in the drone light show industry. Their commitment to blending cutting-edge technology with breathtaking artistry not only dazzles audiences worldwide but also sets new benchmarks for what drone light shows can achieve.

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What is a drone light show?2024-03-21T08:20:01-07:00

A drone light show is a show performed by illuminated, synchronized, and choreographed groups of drones that arrange themselves into various aerial formations.

How does a drone light show work?2024-03-21T08:20:01-07:00

The process for creating a show is usually straightforward and it depends on the complexity of the show. First, the design team creates a storyboard timeline showing the desired images and effects requested. These looks are then animated in a specialized piece of software that translates them into synchronized flight paths for each drone, and usually, a soundtrack is created to accompany the show. The completed shows are sent to the drones via radio signal from a ground control station operated by a pilot. When the pilot is satisfied that everything is safe and ready to go, the show starts, and the drones take off to draw the storyboard in the sky.

How do I book a drone show?2024-03-21T08:20:00-07:00

To book a drone show, simply fill out our booking form on this page on our website with your event details, and our team will get back to you with a proposal and further steps. Our goal is to ensure that we fully understand your needs, provide you with a personalized, tailored solution for an unforgettable experience, and make the process as easy as possible for you.

How long can a drone light show last?2024-03-21T08:20:12-07:00

Drone shows typically last up to 12 minutes. The duration can be adjusted based on your event’s needs and the complexity of the desired performance.

How are drone shows controlled?2024-03-21T08:20:12-07:00

All the drones are being controlled from the main computer that the pilot oversees during the whole show.

Let us know what you would like to learn about drone shows below, and we will create content about it.

Let us know what would you like to learn about drone shows and we will create content about it.


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