Join us for another year at the Gloria Molina Grand Park’s 4th of July Block Party

  • June 25, 2024
Join us for another year at the Gloria Molina Grand Park’s 4th of July Block Party


Grizzly Drones will perform a stunning drone light show at the Gloria Molina Grand Park’s 4th of July Block Party in Downtown Los Angeles. This marks their return after making history as the first drone light show in Downtown LA last year. The event promises new features, live music, and fun activities for all ages. Don’t miss this spectacular celebration!


The Gloria Molina Grand Park’s 4th of July Block Party in Los Angeles is one of the city’s most anticipated events. This year, Grizzly Drones is set to deliver an unforgettable drone light show, continuing its tradition of innovative drone light shows.

History and Significance of the Event

Previous Performances

The 4th of July celebrations at the Gloria Molina Grand Park have always been a significant event, drawing crowds from all over Los Angeles. Last year, Grizzly Drones made history with the first-ever drone light show in the heart of Downtown LA, which was centered around the 50 years of hip-hop by incorporating different elements of hip-hop and Los Angeles.

The Evolution of the 4th of July Celebrations in Downtown LA

Over the years, the Gloria Molina Grand Park’s 4th of July Block Party has evolved, incorporating new technologies and attractions to enhance the celebratory experience for attendees.

Grizzly Drones’ Role in the Celebration

First Drone Light Show in Downtown LA

Grizzly Drones’ inaugural performance last year was a groundbreaking moment, setting a new standard for Independence Day celebrations in the city.

Nighttime view of a drone light show above Los Angeles, displaying 'Los Angeles' in bright blue drone-lit letters, with a graphic representation of the city's skyline and a fireworks display in the distance. The logo 'Grizzly Drones' is at the bottom right.

Highlights from Last Year’s Performance

The show featured intricate formations and dynamic lighting sequences that mesmerized the audience, setting the stage for what promises to be an even more impressive display this year.

What to Expect This Year

New Features and Surprises

This year, attendees can look forward to new drone formations, enhanced visual effects, and interactive segments that will light up the Los Angeles skyline.

Event Details and Schedule

The event will take place at Gloria Molina Grand Park on July 4th from 4:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. In addition to the drone show, the event will feature live music, food trucks, and family-friendly activities. More event details can be found below or here.

Why Choose Drone Shows for Celebrations

Advantages of Drone Shows over Fireworks

Drone light shows offer a safer and more controlled alternative to traditional fireworks, minimizing the risk of fires and injuries.

Environmental Impact

Drone shows are environmentally friendly, producing no harmful emissions or debris, making them a sustainable choice for modern celebrations.


Join us at Gloria Molina Grand Park this 4th of July to witness Grizzly Drones’ spectacular drone light show. Celebrate Independence Day with innovative technology and unforgettable experiences. See you there!