Grizzly Drones Lights Up Switzerland: Amway Founder’s Council Spectacle

  • May 30, 2024
Grizzly Drones Lights Up Switzerland: Amway Founder’s Council Spectacle

Grizzly Drones recently achieved a milestone by performing their first-ever drone light show in Switzerland. This spectacular event was part of Amway’s prestigious Founder’s Council meeting, creating an unforgettable experience at Lake Lucerne. The convergence of advanced technology, artistic creativity, and a picturesque setting made this event truly extraordinary.

The Event and Its Significance

Grizzly Drones has built a reputation for creating mesmerizing drone light shows worldwide. This event marked their debut performance in Switzerland, signifying a new chapter for the company. The show was staged as part of Amway’s Founder’s Council, a highly exclusive gathering that brings together top leaders and visionaries within the company. Including a drone light show in the event’s agenda highlights its high-profile nature and underscores Amway’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Amway’s Founder’s Council at Lake Lucerne

Amway’s Founder’s Council is an annual event that celebrates the achievements and contributions of its top distributors. This year, the event was held at Lake Lucerne, a location known for its serene waters and stunning natural beauty. The choice of Lake Lucerne provided a breathtaking backdrop for the drone show, enhancing the visual impact and adding a layer of elegance to the proceedings. The calm waters and the surrounding mountains offered a perfect canvas for the drones’ illuminated choreography.

A heart-shaped formation created by drones lights up the night sky with the letters 'FC' at the center, likely representing 'Founders Council' of Amway. The drones form intricate patterns in blue and red lights, creating a stunning visual display.

The Drone Light Show

The highlight of the event was the drone light show, featuring 600 drones meticulously programmed to perform an intricate choreography. The performance lasted 11 minutes and showcased Grizzly Drones’ technical expertise and creative vision. Each drone was equipped with LED lights, allowing for vivid and dynamic displays that captivated the audience.

The drones created a series of stunning geometric patterns, as well as images symbolizing Amway’s journey and values. The reflections on Lake Lucerne added an extra layer of magic to the display, making it a perfect blend of technology and artistry. The precision with which the drones moved and the seamless transitions between different formations left the audience in awe.

Impact and Reception of the Drone Show

The audience, consisting of Amway’s elite members, was enthralled by the performance. The drones’ precision and the show’s overall beauty received unanimous praise, with many attendees expressing their admiration for the innovative use of drone technology. The event also garnered significant media attention, with various outlets highlighting the stunning visuals and the technical prowess displayed by Grizzly Drones.

This successful performance in Switzerland opens doors for Grizzly Drones to expand their reach in Europe. It demonstrates their capability to deliver high-quality shows in diverse locations and underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of drone light shows. By continually innovating and creating even more spectacular performances, Grizzly Drones is poised to become a leader in this emerging field.

You can read the Event Marketer’s article for more details on the event and other innovative ideas presented at the Amway Founder’s Council.

A crowd of people watches and takes photos of a drone show over a lake. The drones are forming a heart shape with the letters "FC" inside it, likely representing a Founders Council event. The city lights and the fading sunset add to the scenic backdrop.

Amway attendees viewed a drone show over Lake Lucerne while aboard their chartered yacht.

Conclusion and Future Prospects

The Grizzly Drones’ light show at the Amway Founder’s Council event was a resounding success, marking a significant milestone for the company. The blend of advanced technology, creative artistry, and a stunning natural setting created an unforgettable experience for all attendees. This event not only highlighted the capabilities of Grizzly Drones but also set a new standard for drone light shows.

As Grizzly Drones looks to the future, they remain dedicated to innovating and delivering high-quality performances for clients worldwide. Their successful debut in Switzerland is just the beginning, and the company is well-positioned to expand its presence in Europe and beyond. The previous show performed in Greece, is another sign that Grizzly Drones can perform drone shows across the continent. Additionally, they are already successful in the United States and are ready to fully expand to Europe. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Grizzly Drones is set to continue dazzling audiences with their spectacular light shows.


What is the significance of Grizzly Drones’ performance in Switzerland?

Grizzly Drones’ performance in Switzerland marks their debut in the country along with their swiss partner, showcasing their ability to deliver high-quality drone light shows in diverse locations.

How many drones were used in the Amway Founder’s Council show?

The show featured 600 drones, each meticulously programmed to create intricate patterns and images in the night sky.

How long did the Grizzly Drones’ performance last?

The performance lasted 11 minutes, demonstrating both technical expertise and the creative vision for Amway

Why was Lake Lucerne chosen as the location for the drone show?

Lake Lucerne provided a picturesque and serene backdrop that enhanced the visual impact of the drone performance, adding an extra layer of magic to the display.

What was the audience’s reaction to the drone light show?

The audience, consisting of Amway’s elite, was amazed by the performance, with the drones’ precision and the show’s overall beauty receiving unanimous praise.

What are the future prospects for Grizzly Drones after this event?

The successful performance in Switzerland opens doors for Grizzly Drones to expand their reach in Europe, showcasing their capability to deliver spectacular shows in various locations.