Witness history with Grizzly Drones’ first-ever Drone Light Show in the center of Athens, celebrating Greek National Day!
Grizzly Drones illuminated the night sky over Lycabettus, Greece, on March 24th with a mesmerizing drone light show, showcasing their innovative technology and creative prowess in orchestrating unforgettable drone light shows. This event highlights Grizzly Drones’ commitment to delivering top-tier entertainment, solidifying their position as a leading drone light show company.

Grizzly Drones sponsored this drone show as an honor of performing a drone show for Greek Independence Day for the Region of Attica. Especially because Grizzly Drones is the only Greek & Cypriot Drone Light Show Company and this event marks the launch of Grizzly Entertainment Hellas and their expansion into Greece.

As the first Greek Cypriot drone light show company to light up Athens, Grizzly Drones has set a new standard for excellence and innovation in the industry. This historic event at Lycabettus is a testament to our pioneering spirit and our commitment to creating breathtaking experiences that transcend boundaries and ignite the imagination.

Antoerh display of drones forming a greek tsolia which is part of the greek army.

“The Athenian sky was “lit up” for the national anniversary of March 25th”

A spectacular display of drones formed the greek tsolia which is part of the greek presidential guard and greek army.

March 25: The Athenian sky “lit up” for the national anniversary – Drones created impressive images with symbols of the revolution








Lycabettus Hill, Athens, GR

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