PwC x Reflect Festival Drone Show

Reflect Festival is the region’s biggest event for the key tech & innovation players.

The Reflect Festival 2023 echoed a powerful message: With unwavering collaboration between the public and private sectors and a forward-thinking vision, Cyprus is on its way to becoming a globally renowned tech island. Grizzly Drones once again successfully transformed the ideas and vision of the project into a custom drone light show. This was the first drone show for the event throughout the years and made its opening unforgettable.

Grizzly Drones in collaboration with PwC’s Experience Center effectively communicated the Festival’s values through our Drone Show performance and took pride in contributions to creating a world-class destination.

Grizzly Entertainment delivered an absolutely extraordinary drone show that left an indelible mark on the Cypriot market. Their level of professionalism and exceptional communication throughout the entire process was truly commendable. Despite the tight timeframe we had to organize and design the entire drone choreography, Grizzly Entertainment surpassed our expectations.

The drone show they orchestrated had an immense impact on the viewers, captivating them in a way that words can hardly describe. When paired with the ambient music playing in the background, the experience became nothing short of breathtaking. The synergy between the visuals and the music created an unforgettable spectacle that had the audience in awe.

From a business perspective, the visibility and brand recognition that our company gained through this drone show far outweighed the cost involved. Grizzly Entertainment has proven that they are pioneers in ushering in a new era of entertainment. Their innovative approach and dedication to delivering unparalleled experiences make them a top choice for anyone seeking to elevate their events. We are truly grateful for their exceptional work and can’t wait to collaborate with them again in the future.

Yiannis Lapatas, PwC Cyprus








Limassol, Cyprus

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